Research Histology/Microscopy Slides Unstained or Custom Stained

Histology Services

Shipping Instructions

  • Print a hard copy of the Histology Request Form (the more information you write, the easier we can do our job). Place the form inside a sealed plastic bag. Send us an electronic form too.
  • Fix rodent/human specimens 8 – 24 hours or longer depending on their size.
  • After fixing specimens, rinse once with 70% ethyl alcohol and keep the specimens in 70 % alcohol prior to shipping.
  • Place all tissue samples for paraffin processing in a screw top labeled container inside a sealed plastic bag.
  • Pack paraffin processing tissue containers tightly inside a Styrofoam box with plenty of absorbent material.
  • Leave frozen blocks in labeled cryomolds and place them in a cryobox. Place cryobox inside a Styrofoam box with dry ice.
  • RHC must be notified prior to sending frozen tissue blocks, arrival time of sample must be scheduled.
  • When sending paraffin blocks, place ice packs inside Styrofoam box if outside temperature is above 78o C. Arrival time of samples must be scheduled.


  • Ricasan Histology Consultants will not be held responsible for poorly under fixed or over fixed tissue samples. Remember you fix the samples.
  • When sending paraffin blocks, please scrape excess paraffin from all four sides of the blocks. RHC will not be responsible for scraping the excess paraffin from outside wall of blocks, a surcharge will be added.
  • RHC will not be responsible for writing a Histology Request Form, a surcharge will be added.