Research Histology/Microscopy Slides Unstained or Custom Stained

About Ricasan Rowley Histology Consulting

Ricasan Rowley Histology Consulting, LLC (RRHC) is a full service company that provides high quality histology consulting services to academic research laboratories, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and clinics worldwide.

Our pricing is competitive, and we offer a rapid turnaround time. With over 32 years of research and industrial histology experience, RRHC strives to provide high quality, rapid, and personalized service for each client request.

The strength of our service lies in the understanding of our clients’ histology request needs. We will meet with your principal investigator or researcher, we will LISTEN, we will make suggestions, we will listen more, and then we will implement a working customized plan according to your needs. We work smart, and we consistently give our clients a high quality service. Your histology project will be completed the right way. We are willing to try any new histology protocols that our clients need.

In the greater Boston area we will meet with you, pick up your samples, and deliver slides and blocks right to your lab. Whether it is routine histology or a customized microtomy/staining request, we are here 24/7 to help you.

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